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I really wanted time to think and clear my head. .
I really needed time to think and figure out what to do. Drug Rehab St. Louis helped me develop a healthier, positive perspective on life. I required a week in detox, which helped to ease the physical withdrawal symptoms, but didn’t 'cure' me: The rehab treatment did. didn’t 'cure' me.
, St. Louis Apr 5, 2012

You should WANT to be there
You should WANT to come here. Trust me, do what they instruct you to do even when it doesn’t make sense, it'll make sense later. Their techniques and tips work.
, St. Louis Mar 8, 2012

Now I know what I\'ve got to do.
Currently in a 90 day program, now I know what I've got to do to stay clean. Everybody, from my housemates to my addiction counselors, was all really supportive. We ended up exchanging information to keep in touch outside rehab. The team at Drug Rehab St. Louis is excellent and extremely compassionate.
, St. Louis Apr 8, 2011

Drug Rehab St. Louis was an excellent fit
Drug Rehab St. Louis center was an excellent choice. The place was comfortable, clean, and the employees were friendly. Their staff was very knowledgeable and highly-skilled. Most days were organized and scheduled by the rehab counselor.
, St. Louis Apr 27, 2012

Drug Rehab St. Louis was an especially positive experience for me
Drug Rehab St. Louis was an especially enjoyable experience for me. Keep in mind that it is drug rehab. The staff and facility will make you work. Other people in my group or staying at my building were also trying to recover and get clean from drugs.
, St. Louis May 28, 2011

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